This section is for anyone who is interested in contributing to the codebase, or knowing more about the internals.

Coding style for the Shoebot core code

We’re not picky here, other than following PEP8 style guidelines. We use flake8 extensions in our code editors to keep us strict, and recommend it.

Coding style for examples

When creating examples for including in Shoebot, we try to adhere to a set of writing guidelines to make it easy for newcomers to understand what’s going on.

  • Do not use one-letter variables (other than x and y), and avoid two-letter names as well (things like dx can be expanded to deltax). It will look less compact, but really helps understanding what’s going on.
  • Start the example with a docstring specifying the title of the example, author info and some details about the script and its workings. If you want to format this text, use Markdown.
  • Use Flake8 or similar linter plugin to find necessary style fixes.
  • Comments in English.
  • Variables and functions are in lowercase and underscored_lowercase, class names are in CamelCase.

Making a release

This is our checklist to be sure we don’t miss any detail when we put out a release.

  • update the version number in these files: - Makefile - - doc/source/ - shoebot/gui/
  • update the changelogs - CHANGELOG - debian/changelog
  • tag the release commit
  • publish release on GitHub
  • push to PyPI

Building Debian packages

There are some dependencies to look out for:

sudo apt-get install rename dh-python cdbs

Be sure to go through this checklist:

  • update the debian/changelog file