Development tasks

Make new examples or port existing ones

We’re always eager to welcome new examples that explain a concept or show off an interesting technique.

You can either contribute your own examples, or help port existing scripts:

They should work mostly without modifications – we need help testing them. Try them out and post any issues you find on our issue tracker in case you hit a wall.

Be sure to also check the brief guidelines in Coding style for examples so that your efforts can be included in Shoebot.

Help port libraries

We’re missing a few Nodebox libraries; can you help us port them to Shoebot?

See the full list of Unported libraries.

Incidentally, we’re also missing documentation to explain how to port Nodebox libraries. If you’re interested but stuck, file an issue and we’ll help you.

Look for ‘Help Out’ issues

The issues tagged ‘Help Out’ don’t need a deep knowledge of Shoebot internals, and there’s a good variety of tasks to be done.

Make text editor plugins

While our simple editor is around, power-users will be using their favourite text editor to hack on Shoebot scripts. Having plugins for any popular text editor would be a fantastic addition.

Integrate Shoebot with other software

Shoebot can be a great tool to complement other software, be it for

  • SVG, PDF or bitmap generation
  • simple visualizations
  • interact in real-time with the socket server

If you see a use case where Shoebot could be helpful, we’ll be more than happy to support you in implementing it.

Non-development tasks

Find bugs in our documentation and fix them

We’re missing many details and we’d definitely welcome some help here. While actual contributions to the documentation would be the best, we’d be more than happy with pointing out the parts that are missing or plain wrong. Use the documentation label on the issue tracker to help us on this.

Try installing on Windows or Mac OS X

Just knowing what happens on these platforms would be really useful for us so we can provide support for them. Try it out and post an issue for any problem that you find.