Getting Started

Running an example script

For your first time with Shoebot, try out the included code editor by running


Open one of the example scripts and Run it through the Run -> Run script menu option or the Ctrl-R keyboard shortcut.

A window should open with an image. Shoebot reads scripts written in the Nodebox language and translates them into images or animations.

You can right click anywhere on the image window to view the output in full screen or export it as an image or vector file.

Using the console runner

If you prefer using your own text editor to edit files and just want something to run the scripts, the sbot command is what you want. Head over to the examples/ directory and try running:

sbot grid/

Headless operation

There is also a mode where the result is directly rendered into an image or vector file, without a window. We can do this with the -o option, short for --outputfile:

sbot grid/ -o balls.png

This will skip the window view and create the balls.png image file. You can also create SVG, PDF and PostScript (.ps) files.

For a list of extra options, see the Command-line options section.